Edmund A. Hajim  School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

WebMail Problems

We have received complaints that webmail is unable to send attachments. This is not quite correct. Webmail is able to send attachments, but only if they are under about 500K in size.

This is due to a problem with the current version of the software; we need to wait until an update is released to correct this problem.

Do remember though that we have three webmail sites; the primary and secondary webmail sites use the current version of the software while the tertiary site uses an older (and unfortuantely, no longer available in the form we need) version. This tertiary site is still able to send larger attachments (up to an 8Mb size after encoding).

The three webmail sites are:

  1. The   Primary Webmail  at  http:/webmail.seas.rochester.edu
  2. The   Secondary Webmail  at  http:/webmail2.seas.rochester.edu
  3. The   Tertiary Webmail  at  http:/webmail3.seas.rochester.edu

We have no estimate on when the corrections to the Primary and Seocndary sites can be made. We do recommend that you use either the primary or secondary sites for most webmail activity, using the tertiary site only when you know you have to send a larger attachment.

Note also that this does not affect webmail's ability to receive attachments.

Last modifed: Monday, 12-Oct-2009 11:54:35 EDT