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CNG Assistance - Help with Problems

Web forms for obtaining HSEAS/CNG assistance

These forms are for members of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at the University of Rochester, its departments and programs. We are unable to provide general assistance to the larger Internet Community.

The problem email account is checked periodically, not continually, so there is often a delay between us receiving the report and you getting help. If your problem is an emergency (eg. crash of critical systems or services) contact CNG staff by phone (Bob Lindholm: 275-0870, Jim Prescott: 275-8265, John Strong: 275-4873). For more info check the CNG Staff page.

Quick Access:

General Help

So that we may be able to properly assist you, you must first provide us with some information regarding your platform and operating system (OS). (Here is some information to help you do that).

Pick the option that best represents your problem machine and you will be provided with a form to fill out to provide us with even more specific information.

If you can't use forms, you are confused or in a hurry, feel free to submit your problem directly, via email to problem email.

Please send any feedback regarding these pages to the same address. Thank you.

See also the CNG Documentation on the Local Computing Environement page.

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