SEAS Device Registration Form Version 2.1

Please enter the information in the form below:
Device owner's login name: The owner's HSEAS login name, e.g., 'bubba', and not their email address, e.g., 'bubba@seas.rochester.edu'
UR Phone number for that person: Please ensure you provide the UR phone number, e.g., 5-1234, or 275-1234
Login name of sponsoring faculty/staff: If the person specified above as the owner of the device is not faculty or staff, then the HSEASlogin name of the sponsoring faculty/staff member must be entered here. An invalid or empty value will be rejected.
Your Login name: Fill this in with your HSEAS login name only if you are not the named owner and are filling this in for someone else. Otherwise - leave blank. Note: this is only available to HSEAS faculty, staff, postdocs and grad students.
Building: Specify in which HSEAS building this device will usually be located.
Room: This is the device's primary room location (we know laptops move around)
MAC Address:
You must correctly enter the set of six hex digit pairs (e.g., 00:1a:a0:de:a4:5c) that comprise the MAC address for your device to work on the HSEAS network. Enter each pair in the corresponding box. Digits 0-9, letters a-f. No dashes, spaces or colons. Each box must contain two hex digits. A mistake here will either delay your registration or will prevent your device from working on the HSEAS network. If you do not know how to find your MAC address, see our page How to Find Your MAC Address. IMPORTANT! DO NOT enter the MAC address for the wireless interface!
Manufacturer: Specify the device's manufacturer (e.g., Dell, Sun, HP)
Model: Specify the device's model designation (e.g., Optiplex Gx280)
Serial Number: The device's serial number; if this is a Dell computer, please enter the device's Service Tag number rather than the serial number.
The device's operating system: If you select 'Other' or 'Proprietary' (which is selected for printers, scanners, switches) please note the OS name and revision in the 'comments' box below. If your Redhat, CentOS or Fedora OS is not listed above, or is another flavor of Linux (e.g., Ubuntu, SuSe, Debian), select the closest version and add a comment in the box below to give specifics. For Windows 'Pro' refers to 'Pro', 'Ultimate', 'Business' and 'Enterprise' editions.
The type of device being registered:
Select the device type from the list of possible devices.
If you leave it set at the default 'NONE', your registration will be delayed.
Most devices that are not workstations or servers will be assigned semi-private IP#s.
Requested name: This is the device's name on the network. DHCP hosts should leave this blank. The CNG creates default names for printers, scanners, etc.. The name you request may not be available, in which case we will either contact you or substitute a name.
UR Property: Personal systems are not allowed on the HSEAS network unless they are behind a CNG-managed firewall. If this is a system for guest speaker, we'll assume this device needs to be in a firewall database/config only for a short period (a few days). Send a note to problem@seas.rochester.edu if this is the case.
Registration type:
For devices that require a fixed IP Address (printers, servers etc.) select RESERVED (unless the device cannot be setup as a DHCP client, in which case you can select STATIC). Select FIREWALL or FWRESERVED only if this device will be behind a SOHO-type firewall. Most devices should be registered as DHCP hosts. Contact problem@seas.rochester.edu if you think you need to select RESERVED or STATIC before you submit the registration.
Firewall Name: Fill this in if and only if you selected FWRESERVED or FIREWALL for registration type (above). A list of firewalls and there assignments is available at our list of SOHO firewall/routers. We may need to obtain permission to place you behind some of the named firewalls. Contact problem@seas.rochester.edu if you have any questions about this or are unsure which firewall to specify.

Optional: Please enter any comments, clarifications special requests or additional information (e.g., alternate host names) in the box provided below:

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