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PC "I Don't Know" Help Form

These forms are for members of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at the University of Rochester, its departments and programs. We are unable to provide general assistance to the larger Internet Community.

If your interaction with the computer is limited to keystroke commands, then the OS is probably a version of DOS, or, possibly Linux. Since DOS is much more prevalent, let us assume that first. If it is DOS, you can verify this and obtain the DOS version number by typing vers at your prompt.
If this works, tell us the DOS version number here:

If that assumption proved to be wrong, then it is probably a flavor of Linux , so check here:

If the user interface is graphical (you use a mouse and generally point and click), then it is either a type of Windows, OS2, or flavor of Xwindows. However, if the machine in question is functional, it should tell you the OS and version when it boots up and the OS launches.

If the machine has hung or is otherwise non-functional, then you can determine the OS version by looking at the system disks, if they are available to you, or the packaging of some of your software that you successfully run on a regular basis, for it may say "Windows 95 required" - thus giving us a clue.

If either of these methods for determining the version succeeds, please enter anything you discover here:
If you still have no success, check here: I still don't know.

What processor is in your machine?

What is the model name of the computer?
If you know it, what is the IP address/network name of the computer? (eg. or fractal.ee)

Do you think this is a:

hardware problem
  • Printing
  • Networking
  • Other:
software problem
Name of software:

Now, tell us what your problem is in as much detail as possible:

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