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Remote Access to the Introductory Information Packet

We normally restrict access to our account request and documentation infomration. We get too many requests from all over the Internet for accounts on our systems.

However, it is becoming bothersome to have a printed copy of the Introductory Information packet handed to each person. We still want to restrict access to the materials to bona fide members of HSEAS, but we still want each person receiving an account to read and understand this document - and we recommend that you print a copy and keep it for reference. You still need to appear in person to sign for your account and pick up your initial password.

To obtain the access to the materials, you will need to supply your UR ID number. Please do not include any dashes (-), just use the digits of your ID number. If you do not know your UR ID, or do not have one yet, you will need to contact an appropriate departmental secretary for your department in HSEAS, and ask for a printed copy of this document.

The Introductory Information Packet is a PDF document; to view it, you will need either Adobe Acrobat Reader, Adobe Acrobat, or a similar PDF viewer (e.g., xpdf)

Please enter your UR ID number:

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