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These forms are for members of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at the University of Rochester, its departments and programs. We are unable to provide general assistance to the larger Internet Community.

To get to our webmail, fire up your web browser and point it at the correct URL

To get to our webmail, fire up your web browser and point it at the correct URL.  You should then see something like this:



Click on “Yes”; we are working towards this being a secure, encrypted session, which will provide you with privacy even if you are at a remote, and possibly insecure location (e.g., a cyber-café, a public library, etc.).


You should then see something like this:




This is to get you past the “gate guardian”; this is NOT your login name and password – this is a special login name and password combination to get you into the area that contains the webmail interface.  You were given this login name and password – shared by all webmail users in your department – to get to the next step.  If you don’t know this login/password combination, contact one of the system administrators.  Never –(not EVER) should you check the “save this password in your password list” box.  Not ever.  I mean it..


You should now be at the “real” login screen for our webmail (the program is known as SquirrelMail).  At his point, you need to supply your personal login name (your email name, which is also your UNIX login name) and your email (UNIX) password.   Then press the “login” button.




Be patient, webmail isn’t really speedy – and you should now see something like this (if you were successful):




Note that in the upper-right-hand corner, there is a ‘Sign Out’ link – ALWAYS be sure to sign out when you are done – otherwise the next person that sits down at that computer has access to your email, AND if the connection is intact, you won’t be able to get to your email.  And of course, you have read the introductory documents, especially the warnings, right? If not, then go look at the webmail document before you try using webmail.

When you successfully sign out, you should see the following screen:







If you have additional questions, contact problem@seas.rochester.edu.


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