Edmund A. Hajim  School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

CNG Consulting Services

The Computing and Networking Group provides computing and networking consulting to the members of the School of Engineering. We strongly urge everyone in HSEAS to contact us before purchase and service decisions are made. The pre-purchase consulting saves time, money, and aggravation for you and the CNG.

We also provide consulting on using the existing systems and services. We do not provide consulting for most specialty software (e.g., Cadence, Hypermesh, SDRC/IDEAS, Marc/Mentat) as there are just too many extremely powerful and complex packages for our small staff to master. We do help with these when we are able.

Of course we provide consulting services related to problem resolution, for with hardware, operating system software, and supported third-party software.

We have an on-line forms for service/consulting requesthostname/IP#/device registration request and problem reporting.

If all else fails, feel free to contact problem directly at problem@seas.rochester.edu or or one of the CNG staff in their offices.

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