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The nature of computing has changed tremendously over the last few years. As computers and networks have become cheaper and more powerful, they've also become more ubiquitous. One unfortunate side effect of these changes is that computer crime has become much more common.

In ``The Good Old Days'' of the ARPANET, most computer users knew each other, and trusted each other. It was in this environment that the Internet we now depend on was developed.

Unfortunately, those days are gone. We now work on an Internet which is inhabited by many varieties of hackers gif, by computers which maintain different levels of security, and by a constantly changing series of threats to the security of our computers.

This tutorial will show you the basics of computer security, with the goal of helping you protect your account and data so that you (and the HSEAS computers) don't become road-kill on the Information Super-highway.

Del Armstrong
Fri Oct 25 16:31:41 EDT 1996