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Under some circumstances, contrary to normal expectations, your email may not be private. Much as with passwords, it's possible to snoop email while it's traversing the network. In addition, if a computer is broken into or is managed unscrupulously, any email delivered to it or being forwarded by that computer may also be read.

Truly personal or secret messages should not simply be sent by email.

It's the policy of the CNG not to read your email unless:

In the fourth and fifth cases, we will consult with or notify both you and/or the School of Engineering Computing Committee. Of these five cases, only the third case commonly occurs.

Fortunately, PGP provides a way to overcome email's lack of privacy. In addition to signing email, PGP will also allow you to encrypt your email, so that only your intended recipient can read the message. The encryption used by PGP can be very strong, virtually guaranteeing that only the recipient (or somebody knowing their secret PGP password) will be able to read your message.

Del Armstrong
Fri Oct 25 16:31:41 EDT 1996