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Why Deal with Legal Issues?

We are not lawyers, we don't even play lawyers on TV. So why bother with these legal issues at all?

As mentioned in the beginning of this document, life on the Internet has changed drastically since the early ARPANET days. More and more companies are on the net, more sites are doing commerce over the network. The number of predators on the network has also risen drastically. We need to aprise you of the risks. Don't be an armadillo waiting to cross the Information Superhighway. Given the changes on the net, it is only a matter of time before people start agressively pursuing litigation for transgressions.

The law is a conservative entity, and the legal system always tries to apply existing laws to new situations. We are subject to observing laws even though we are working in ``cyberspace''gif. We'd rather not be test cases to see how well existing laws do apply.

We have two goals here. First we want to make you aware of your responsiblities. Ignorance of the law does not grant you protection, and we'd really rather not have to log court time testifying at your trial, nor would we like to see you fined or incarcerated. Law enforcement officials and ``wronged'' individuals are taking these transgressions much more seriously, and are much more inclined to pursue legal solutions than in the past. This trend will continue. In addition, we want to clear up a lot of the bad information and urban myth around these issues. Second, we want to make you aware of what recourse and protections you have. If you have a problem, always try to work with the CNG staff.

Del Armstrong
Fri Oct 25 16:31:41 EDT 1996