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The Internet has become a critical tool for many of us. Unfortunately, there is a very small minority of users who abuse the trust and openness which have made the Internet so useful. We need to take some precautions to protect our accounts and data from these people.

Because we all depend on each other, it's incumbent on each of us to protect our accounts ... even if we don't have ``secret'' information in our files.

It's prudent to assume that at some point or another the computer you use or even your personal account will be attacked. Because of this possibility, it's important to follow the basic ``safe computing'' practices we've described here.

Due to the legal environment we live in, you need to use common sense regarding what information you make available to the net.

Finally, don't let the threats we've described intimidate you from using computers. If you take a heads-up approach to computing, and follow the precautions we describe, you can safely use the tremendous power that modern computers and networking make available to us.

Del Armstrong
Fri Oct 25 16:31:41 EDT 1996