UR School of Engineering

APOP enrollment:

To enroll yourself in APOP, you only need do the following

        (1) login to mail.{dept}.rochester.edu (telnet or rlogin)
where {dept} is your HSEAS department:
	{dept}: department
	che:	Chemical Engineering
	ece:	Electrical and Computer Engineering
	me:	Mechanical Engineering
	optics:	Institute of Optics
	seas:	All others (HSEAS, BME)

        (2) run the command


It will prompt you for a password, and ask you to confirm the passwd by entering it a second time. You may use your UNIX password, but we recommend that if possible, you use another. See our web page "Selecting a Good Password" for assistance in selecting a good password.

You are now entered into the APOP database.

If you try to fetch your mail now, it should fail during authentication, as Eudora (remember, Eudora is the *only* POP mail client we know is capable of APOP authentication) is still using your regular UNIX password for authentication, and is sending it in clear text form.

To correct this, you need to go back into the options (properties?) menus of Eudora and select 'Checking Mail'. In the box that appears, you can select one of several "Authentication Styles". Regular POP uses 'passwords' or 'pop'. APOP uses (of course) APOP. Check that item. You can ignore items such as Kerberos, RPA, and so on, if they exist in that box.

Now go to the top menu selector to get 'Special', and choose 'forget password'. Then try to check your mail. When asked for your password, you need to supply your APOP password.

I would recommend that if you decide to try this, that you do it during the day when systems staff are around, so if there is a problem, we can remove you from the APOP database, so you can return to non-APOP POP service.

While you are enrolled in the APOP database, you will not be able to fetch mail using a POP client that is unable to perform APOP authentication.

Your POP authentication status (APOP/POP) does *not* affect your ability to read mail using normal UNIX mail programs (mail, mush, mh, elm, pine, ... ).

As always, contact problem if you have a question or problem. For critical or urgent problems, please contact any systems staff member by direct mail or phone.

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