rcsdiff - compare RCS revisions

     rcsdiff [ -biwt ] [ -cefhn ] [ -q ] [ -rrev1 ]  [  -rrev2  ]
     file ...

     Rcsdiff runs diff(1) to compare two revisions  of  each  RCS
     file given.  A file name ending in ',v' is an RCS file name,
     otherwise a working file name. Rcsdiff derives  the  working
     file  name  from  the  RCS  file  name  and  vice  versa, as
     explained in co(L).  Pairs consisting of both an RCS  and  a
     working file name may also be specified.

     The options -b, -i, -w, -t, -c, -e, -f,  and  -h,  have  the
     same  effect as described in diff(1); option -n generates an
     edit script of the  format  used  by  RCS.   The  option  -q
     suppresses diagnostic output.

     If both rev1 and rev2  are  omitted,  rcsdiff  compares  the
     latest  revision on the default branch (normally the highest
     branch on the trunk) with the contents of the  corresponding
     working  file.  This  is  useful  for  determining  what you
     changed since the last checkin.

     If rev1 is given, but  rev2  is  omitted,  rcsdiff  compares
     revision  rev1  of  the  RCS  file  with the contents of the
     corresponding working file.

     If both rev1 and rev2 are given, rcsdiff compares  revisions
     rev1 and rev2 of the RCS file.

     Both rev1 and rev2 may be given numerically or symbolically,
     and may actually be attached to any of the options.

     The command

             rcsdiff  f.c

     runs diff on the latest revision on the  default  branch  of
     RCS file f.c,v and the contents of working file f.c.

     The exit status is 0 if there were no differences during the
     last comparison, 1 if there were differences, and 2 if there
     were errors.

     Author: Walter F. Tichy, Purdue University, West  Lafayette,
     IN, 47907.
     Revision Number: 1.4 ; Release Date: 89/10/30 .
     Copyright (C) 1982, 1988, 1989 by Walter F. Tichy.

     ci(L),  co(L),  diff(1),  ident(L),   rcs(L),   rcsintro(L),
     rcsmerge(L), rlog(L)
     Walter F. Tichy, "Design, Implementation, and Evaluation  of
     a Revision Control System," in Proceedings of the 6th Inter-
     national Conference on Software  Engineering,  IEEE,  Tokyo,
     Sept. 1982.