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Sophos Anti-Virus [AV] software participation/support reference:

 UniversityIT Sophos AV web site: <http://www.rochester.edu/it/security/computer/antivirus.php>

Note: Whether or not you use Sophos AV, it is critical that you have up-to-date AV software installed on any Windows host that is connected to UofR wired/wireless networks (including HSEAS segments) for the security of the UofR computing community, as well as your own system. Also, be sure the virus definitions on a frequent/regular basis and do not disable your AV software.

SophosAV support within HSEAS

There are two levels of Sophos AV support available within HSEAS for Windows systems:

How to determine if your Windows computer is part of the SEAS Windows domain:

SEAS Windows Domain Member [CNG managed] Computer

Domain Member Computer

Fig. 1 SEAS Windows Domain Member Image

If you see Domain in this field, then your computer is a member of the SEAS domain and is a managed machine.

SEAS Workgroup Member [self-managed] Computer

Workgroup Member Computer

Fig. 2 SEAS Workgroup Member Image

If you see Workgroup in this field, then your computer isn't a member of the SEAS Windows domain and  in all likelihood is a self-administered machine; this can be any workgroup designation, SEAS was used for illustrative purposes.

Note: If you have any questions regarding the status of your computer, please submit your inquiries to "help@seas.rochester.edu".

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