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Self-Managed Systems Sophos AV Support Home Page

The HHSEAS distribution of Sophos AV software is provided for the exclusive use by HHSEAS faculty, students and staff  on UofR wired/wireless networks; therefore, if you are affiliated with HHSEAS, you may download/install/use the following Sophos AV software, licensing and materials on computers for HHSEAS business and under no circumstances should you distribute the UofR Sophos AV software or credentials to anyone not affliated with HHSEAS.

The CNG will provide Sophos AV software and install/usage documentation for self-managed systems, but each primary/owner is responsible for the following on each/every self-managed computer they administer:

While Sophos AV is being provided by the UofR, it is only one of many possible AV solutions and you may choose any functionally equivalent AV solution.

Sophos AV Client Download/Install Instructions

Note: Be sure to un-install any AV software prior to installing the Sophos AV software.

You can access the HHSEAS Sophos AV materials by using your favorite SFTP/FTP client to connect to your departmental server, provide your HHSEAS UNIX/e-mail account credentials to login into the server [when prompted] and then navigate to the materials [below].

- Sophos AV Installers


- Sophos AV Installer Credentials 


- Sophos AV Standalone Startup Guide


Once you've downloaded the materials [above], run the "Sophos_Installer" and insert the HHSEAS Sophos AV credentials in the appropriate fields. 

Fig. 1: Setup credentials window

Important: After the Sophos AV software has been properly/completely installed and the virus definitions are up-to-date, you should run a manual system scan to confirm that your computer is free of viruses; the [nominal] Sophos AV software confiiguration from the download area [above], provides for a properly configured Sophos AV client and uninstalling, disabling or altering the Sophos AV software configuration may leave your computer at risk of becoming infected with a virus, resulting in potential data loss, system instability and loss of network connectivity, requiring a costly and time consuming effort [on your part] to clean it and/or restore it to a functional state.

If you have any questions regarding the status of your computer, please submit your inquiries to "help@seas.rochester.edu".