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Documentation for the Hajim SEAS Samba Environment

Samba is a service that provides file sharing from UNIX/Linux servers to Windows and MacOS clients. This allows you to store materials (files, images, documents, etc.) on a secure file server. The files are backed up regularly, and are accessible from many places via several methods. All in all, this is a much more secure and reliable method of storing and accessing important files than leaving them only on your laptop or desktop.

HSEAS has provided Samba service for many years, and until recently, have relied on Windows NT Domain authentication for granting/controlling access. If you were using a Windows computer in our SEAS domain, you could connect to any of several Samba servers and access files without needing to further authenticate (i.e., you did not have to provide your username and password repeatedly.

However, Microsoft has dropped NT domain authentication in favor of a much more flexible and robust system called Active Directory (AD). This is nice, in that we are participating in the UR's AD, and as all members of the College of Arts, Sciences and Engineering have been given AD accounts, all have access to AD-authenticated systems. Unfortunately, AD and Samba are not playing well together, and we have developed an interim solution that does work well, and will give us time to correct the problems associated with AD and Samba.

The interim solution uses a Samba-specific authentication; if you need to use Samba, we create an entry in the Samba authentication configuration for you (your Samba login name is the same as your Hajim UNIX login name) and assign an initial password. You may choose to use that password, or you may choose to change the password. During the interim period, you will need to change your password by logging into the UNIX (Linux) host that contains the master Samba configuration, and run a simple command to change your Samba password. Note that once we convert to AD-authenticated Samba, that will no longer be necessary, and your AD password and name will grant you access.

Note also that access to our Samba service is restricted to the UR network (including UR VPN). Thus if you are conneting from outside the UR, you will first need to establish a UR VPN connection so your computer appears to be on campus.

Current List of HSEAS Samba Servers

Short Name Full Name Access for
Smbmaster smbmaster.seas.rochester.edu All Hajim SEAS members
Bonhomme bonhomme.seas.rochester.edu All Hajim SEAS members
Bogue bogue.seas.rochester.edu All Hajim SEAS members
Cowpens cowpens.seas.rochester.edu All Hajim SEAS members
Natomabay natomabay.seas.rochester.edu All Hajim SEAS members
Enterprise enterprise.seas.rochester.edu All Hajim SEAS members
Hornet hornet.seas.rochester.edu All Hajim SEAS members
Moe moe.optics.rochester.edu All Institute of Optics members
Valhalla valhalla.ece.rochester.edu All ECE members (Not Active Yet)
Oz oz.che.rochester.edu All CHE members
Chenango chenango.seas.rochester.edu All Hajim SEAS members
Bionic bionic.bme.rochester.edu All BME members
Cardio1 cardio1.me.rochester.edu Members of Perucchio Research Group

File share names currently available

Note: not all shares will appear on all servers

Share Name What is Shared (UNIX name)
Research /home/research
School /home/school
your login name your home directory
CHE_Web /usr/che/www
ECE_Web /usr/ece/www
ME_Web /usr/me/www
Optics_Web /usr/optics/www
CEIS_Web /var/www/html/ceis
ACAL /home/acal (ACAL members only)
Discovery /home/discovery (Doyley Group members only)
ENIGMA /home/enigma (Doyley Group members only)
HPIC1 /home/hpic (Friedman Group members only)
HPIC2 /home/hpic (Friedman Group members only)
HPIC3 /home/hpic3 (Friedman Group members only)
IPLAB6 /home/iplab6 (IP Lab Group members only)
IPLDATA1 /home/ipldata1 (IP Lab Group members only)
IPLDATA2 /home/ipldata2 (IP Lab Group members only)
IPLDOCS /home/ipldocs (IP Lab Group members only)
IPLVIDEOS /home/iplvideos (IP Lab Group members only)
Cardio1Data /home/cardio1/users on cardio1.me.rochester.edu
Parker01 /backups/parker01 only on titanic.seas.rochester.edu (Parker Group)
Parker02 /backups/parker02 only on titanic.seas.rochester.edu (Parker Group)
Cardio1TMP /home/cardio1/tmp on cardio1.me.rochester.edu
OZDATA /data/tmp on oz.che.rochester.edu
HSEAS01_Data /home/hseas01/data on chenango.seas.rochester.edu
HSEAS01_Repos /home/hseas01/repos on chenango.seas.rochester.edu
vartmp /var/tmp (/var/tmp on the named server)

Accessing the Samba File Shares

Accessing Samba file shares from your computer (mounting or attaching a file share to your computer so it appears as if it is just another folder on your computer) is relatively simple.

Accessing a Samba Server from MacOS
From the Finder, select the Go pull-down menu (usually at the top of the screen) and select "Connect to Server". In the dialog box that appears, enter




You will see a list of available shares, and you may select the share of interest. When asked to authentiate - to supply a name and password, make sure you supply your Hajim UNIX login name and your Samba password.
Accessing a Samba Server from Windows
From the Start icon/button, click on the "My Computer" item. In the window that opens, there is an address entry area (near the top). Enter the server and share information in that address bar,




You will need to authenticate when prompted by supplying your HSEAS UNIX login name and your Samba password.

Changing Your Samba Password

If you wish to change your Samba password, login to the host smbmaster.seas.rochester.edu using your Hajim UNIX login name and its password. We recommend you use a secure-shell login to connect to the Smbmaster host. Then issue the command


Samba password setting works much like UNIX password ssetting: you are first prompted to enter your old password, then the new password, and finally, to enter the new password again. You will not be able to see the passwords as you enter them. As with UNIX passwords, be sure to select a good, strong, and easily remembered (but hard to guess) password. See our Guide to Selecting a Good Password.

Once you have set your password on the Smbmaster host, it takes awhile to propagate to the other Samba servers. If there is a rush to access the materials, use the smbmaster host as the Samba server, or contact a CNG (Hajim IT staff) member and ask them to push the new Samba password file to the particiapting servers.

You may choose to set your Samba password the same as your UNIX password. Note you may have several passwords at the UR - NetID, AD, Hajim UNIX and Hajim Samba. Changing any one does not affect the others although the NetID and AD passwords may be linked so that changing one also changes the other.

Don't forget to logout (or exit) once you've set your Samba password. When you are done accessing materials, un-mount or otherwise detach the Samba sahre from your computer.

In Closing....

If you are off-campus, you wil need to first establish a UR VPN connection before you can access the Samba file shares.

If your Hajim UNIX account is locked, or has not been activated, then your Samba access will likewise be disabled.

If you have difficulty with this Samba service, or if you have questions about it, then please contact our help desk via the web interface to Problem or by emailing problem email directly, with questions.

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